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Driveways and Patios are a big source of damaged or deteriorated concrete. Compared to the cost of removal or repair of damaged concrete, PermaCrete can be installed at a fraction of the cost, with convenient installation. Available in virtually any color or design, PermaCrete renews, strengthens and enhances to create a stunning new look.


We have built our reputation on our commitment to providing quality service, so whether you are a homeowner needing as little as a single yard of concrete or a contractor requiring hundreds of yards, you will find the quality of service the same regardless of the size of the order

  • Add three dollars for every 500 p.s.i higher.
  • Finishing $0.40 cvs per square foot,:broom finish
  • Pumps service $100 the first hour and $50 for every additional hour.

Mix type

     “Mix psi”    

   “Prices (cod)”

“Prices (fob)”

our trucks

your own truck

Regular  mix

2500 regular

$85 per yard+

$ 65 + tax

Pump  Mix

3000 pump mix

$95 per yard+ tax

$ 75 + tax

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