When Do You Need A Survey?

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04 Oct When Do You Need A Survey?

A land survey locates, describes and maps the corners and the natural and artificial boundaries of a land parcel. A survey can include information pertaining to the parcel’s topography along with the location of all permanent structures and improvements. A land survey often includes a survey report, a survey map and a flood certificate. When it comes to building, buying, altering or insuring a property, securing a land survey is one of the best things that consumers can do to protect their short and long-term interests. Following are seven scenarios in which a land survey can prove essential.

Buying Or Selling A Property


Whether entering into a real estate transaction as a buyer or seller, having a land survey can prevent a number of common issues. For buyers, these reports and the maps that they include show exactly what is being offered for sale. A survey map will verify whether or not the property is accurately described in the deed, whether rights-of-of way or utility easements allow others access to the property and whether driveways, paths, pools and other improvements are within the property boundaries. With accurate survey maps, sellers can look forward to swift, seamless transactions, given their ability prove the extent and true size of their properties.


Subdividing A Property


Breaking a property into smaller lots requires a clear understanding of where boundary lines and easements exist. Sellers must have full knowledge of all easements, particularly those pertaining to legal road access. When these efforts are performed according to a survey map, the marketability of the resulting lots can be greatly increased.


Securing A Home Mortgage Loan Or Refinancing


Financial institutions require borrowers to have comprehensive survey reports and survey maps when appealing for loans for new properties or when using properties as collateral. It is often necessary for loan applicants to have flood certificates as well. Securing a land survey will help borrowers to expedite the loan application process when seeking home mortgage loans or refinancing.


Verifying Acreage For Tax Assessments


Securing a land survey is also the easiest way for property owners to ensure that they are being billed for the correct acreage. In instances in which there are significant disputes concerning real property ownership, use and location, professional land surveyors can appear in court on behalf of their clients as expert witnesses.


Making Home Additions Or Building A New Home


Contractors should not be relied upon to determine the actual location of buildings in relation to boundary lines. With a land survey, it is possible to ensure that all property features are fully compliant with local zoning requirements for building setbacks and that no improvements are encroaching upon neighboring properties. Securing survey reports before the start of construction will prevent future legal issues and could save property owners significant sums of money. Land surveys are essential when installing new fences, swimming pools or any other permanent or semi-permanent property features.


Dealing With Boundary Disputes


Land surveys give property owners clear proof of property encroachments. With a certified land survey that shows the exact locations of trespasses, property owners have a clear form of recourse and a much better opportunity to resolve these issues in a timely and legal fashion. As adjoining properties are improved upon, the likelihood of boundary disputes and the need for accurate survey maps greatly increase.


Purchasing Flood Insurance


Flood certificates indicate whether or not properties are located within designated flood zones. These certificates come as part of comprehensive survey reports are required for all forms of property financing. They ultimately determine whether or not property owners will need to purchase flood insurance in order to protect personal interests and those of lenders.

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