What is a Land Survey?

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04 Oct What is a Land Survey?

A land survey is the process of determining or establishing lot size and all boundaries lines, physical features, right-of-ways and easements that are in place on a specific tract of land. A survey map can include details pertaining to the topography of the land such as elevation, encroachments, and the location of physical structures on the property like fences and buildings. This map and all other included documents can be used to settle ownership and boundary disputes and to accurately determine overall land value.  

In many instances, survey work is also needed to determine whether or not the need for flood insurance exists and are therefore, essential documents during the loan application process. A land survey map is an official record and thus, this report carries sufficient legal weight for dealing with many property-related issues that are of legal or financial concern. The ultimate goal of a survey is to create a permanent record of property lines and land placement. Although initial surveys are performed during property construction, having these documents updated is often necessary for ensuring that they are best reflective of any property additions, alterations or natural changes in the layout of the land.

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