What is The Average Cost of a Survey?

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04 Oct What is The Average Cost of a Survey?

Whether you’re planning to buy or sell property, or looking to improve the property that you currently own, having a land survey performed is essential for protecting your property interests. An official property survey report will determine your property lines and list all easements and encroachments (if any) that exist. More importantly, this survey will give you an official record of actual square footage for taxation purposes, plus an accurate and up-to-date map that shows where all boundary lines and existing above ground improvements are situated.

The cost of a property survey is generally determined by the amount of work that the surveyor will have to perform. There is no “standard” cost for a survey, although surveys have become more affordable these days despite their detailed results and legal weight. Two factors that can have a major impact on a surveyor’s cost are the complexity of the legal description, and the specific type of survey needed. Lot and block properties are relatively more cost efficient than complex “metes and bounds” descriptions. More over, A topographic survey would demand more attention and time in the field and office than a property survey required to obtain a fence permit. Rectangular properties with four corners tend to be quicker to both traverse and map compared to parcels with irregular shapes. At times, a specific purpose survey can be ordered to eliminate unnecessary field data acquisition in order to meet a specific need. Survey work can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a lot and block survey to thousands of dollars for road design and layout. Talk to your local surveyor at Survey Pros about your particular need so that you can be sure to receive exactly what fits your situation..

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