How Long is a Survey Good?

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04 Oct How Long is a Survey Good?

Surveys are detailed maps, depicting important property features such as boundaries, easements, right-of-ways, physical structures and other topography. They can be used to depict ownership, establish the monetary value of property and settle various legal disputes. Survey maps are signed and sealed by the registered Land Surveyor that performed the work, and they are usually produced for specific purposes. Additionally, a survey is only valid so long as the property and the conditions around and upon the property do not change.

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Statutory limits pertaining to the liability of surveyors are established by state laws. Typically, a surveyor will only be liable for a survey that he or she has produced for up to a designated time determined by the municipality. Moreover, when submitting loan applications to secure financing for the purchase of new properties, new surveys (performed within 30 days) are commonly required by lending institutions if former property surveys are believed to be outdated.

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